Monday, July 5, 2010

Cake Flavors and Fillings

Cake Flavors:
Classic white
Almond white
Almond yellow
Red Velvet
Vanilla Bean

Vanilla buttercream
Almond buttercream
Lemon buttercream
Cream Cheese
Homemade marshmallow fondant

Vanilla buttercream
Almond buttercream
Lemon buttercream
Cream Cheese

Specialty Fillings: (add $.25 a serving)
Cookies and Cream
Rich chocolate ganache
Chocolate chips and buttercream

Cupcake Bites

The cutest way you'll ever eat cake!

These adorable little treats are sure to be the hit of your event.

They are absolutely decadent and make delightful little gifts. I can even individually wrap them so they can be given as party favors.

$20 a dozen

This item can be shipped!!!!

Custom Cake Pricing

Each cake is custom created especially for you using only the finest ingredients. My cakes truly taste as good as they look.

Cake pricing begins at $50.00.

Buttercream cakes- $2.00/serving
Homemade marshmallow fondant-$2.50/serving Topsy turvy/whimsical cakes-$3.00/serving.

Because complex artistry is involved in every cake I make, these prices are provided as a base. Some decorations are included in base pricing but sculpted characters, bows, etc. are additional. We will work together to design the ultimate cake for your event.

Call me at 740-362-2178 or email at